Bee Apiaries: The Basics

Bees in apiaries are an important part of many farms and gardens. Many people have been attracted to this type of beekeeping because of their beauty and ability to attract other beneficial pollinators such as butterflies, birds, and bees. Bee artworkBeekeeping requires that the bees are kept in proper condition, especially when they are young. The young bees are very delicate, which is why the owner needs to take extra care and give special attention to them. This usually involves the use of an Apiary to keep them in safe and secure conditions. One of the main purposes of an Apiary is to provide the bees with a place to live and raise honey.


What is a beekeeper? An individual who keeps bees and uses their equipment to help them do so. Most beekeepers are hobbyists who are passionate about bees and their ability to create beautiful gardens and habitats for them. Bees in Apiaries are a group of bees. The most common are the Honeybees (Apis Mellifica) and the Carpenter Bees (Formica carpenteris). Other species can be found as well. A good question to ask before you start out is what exactly is a bee?

So, in the end, what is a Beekeeper? Bee imageSo now that we know what these fees are, what are some tips on how to get started? What is a Beekeeper's Garden? A beekeeper's garden is like a garden, but it has more of a natural feel to it. It can include a small pond or fountain or a small wooded area that can be used for a treehouse. 

Queens and Workers

The bees are the insects that are made up of one or more worker bees that have their own wings, a queen and a nest to lay eggs in. If all the conditions are right, then one of these worker bees will fly into the Apiary and start to make honey by creating small cells of honeycomb. So what is an Apiary? It is a small structure, usually made of wood and equipped with a small opening at the top and sides that are sealed. There may be some wire mesh on the inside, which is to keep the bees out and prevent them from entering the Apiary by crawling in through the roof or window. Colony management is very important when it comes to beekeeping, because if the bees are not managed correctly then they could end up damaging the garden or the property itself. There are different types of Apiary, but the basic one is the hive. These work best for small amounts of bees since there are less than one hundred workers. What is a Beekeeper? Apiaries figureBees are very valuable to many farmers because of their ability to produce honey, which is used for many different things. Bees can be found in Apiaries in various sizes and shapes and designs depending on how they are being used. What is a Beekeeper's Garden? This type of Apiary is similar to a garden, since it has all the basic necessities of a garden, such as the basic supplies, a bed, and some type of structure to house the bees. What is a Beekeeper's Garden? A beekeeper's garden is very much like a natural forest. What is a Beekeeper's Nest? This is a special type of structure that is attached to the side of the Apiary which is designed to house the Queen. What is a Beekeeper's Garden? This is a place where the bees can lay their eggs. It is usually very dark and has different types of flowers on the walls.